Student Services

Gifted and Talented Program
The Walton-Verona School District offers a comprehensive program for gifted and talented students at both the elementary and secondary levels.

According to 704 KAR 3:285, state regulations for gifted and talented programs, a gifted and/or talented child is one who is identified as possessing demonstrated or potential ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in one or more of the following areas-

  • General Intellectual Aptitude
  • Specific Academic Aptitude
  • Creative or Divergent Thinking
  • Psychosocial or Leadership Skills
  • Visual or Performing Arts

This administrative regulation establishes the requirements for programs for gifted and talented students’ primary – grade 12. The Primary Talent Pool is for highly capable students currently enrolled in the primary grades. Once students are selected for the PTP, they are in PTP until the end of their third grade year.  Service options are evaluated annually based on student progress data and classroom performance. Service may include pull-out, cluster grouping and/or differentiation of classroom lessons and assignments to provide enrichment and differentiated opportunities (on an as-needed basis) to the selected students  

Beginning in 4th grade, students may be formally identified as gifted in one or more of the five areas of giftedness. Once students are formally identified they are identified until the end of their 12th grade year. The screening process begins at the end of third grade, with formal identification and placement taking place beginning in fourth grade.

Students who qualify for Gifted Educational services will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of services offered by the Gifted and Talented Department at Walton-Verona Independent Schools. Parents and students are surveyed annually and Gifted Student Service Plans are developed to meet individual needs.

To find out more about these services offered within the district, contact-
Stephanie Francis

Extended School Services (ESS)
Walton-Verona District Schools participate in the state sponsored Extended School Services Program. This is a great opportunity for students to receive the additional assistance they need to be successful in the classroom. Whether it is small group or 1 to 1 instruction, children have greatly benefited from this program since its beginnings.

The Extended School Services (ESS) program is a proactive program designed to assist individual students who are having difficulty in one or more content areas. ESS funds are allocated for the purpose of operating a program for students having short- or long- term academic difficulties. ESS programs offer extra instructional time outside regular school hours and may take a variety of formats including before, during or after school programs, evening sessions, and/ or summer programs with bus service available. There is close collaboration between the regular day program and the ESS program to best meet the student's needs. ESS programs for each teacher offer a wide array of curricular programs and instructional formats.

Title III - English Language Learners (EL)
The Walton-Verona Independent School District provides EL services for students who qualify for the program. The services are designed to assure a smooth transition to the English-speaking classroom so that your child has every opportunity to be socially and academically successful. The District EL NKCES Title III Consortium Plan can be found here (PDF).

Exceptional Children
The Walton-Verona Independent School District offers Special Education services for students with identified disabilities in grades P-12.

Section 504
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a civil right act prohibiting discrimination based on disability. It was enacted to eliminate barriers that exclude persons with disabilities. Section 504 applies to all agencies that receive federal funds, including public schools, federal agencies, and places of public accommodation. In the Walton-Verona School System, all staff and administrators have the responsibility of insuring that all students with disabilities are identified, evaluated and provided with needed accommodations and services, resulting in a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Section 504 is enforced by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights.

Public school districts have the duty to provide a free appropriate public education to all qualified disabled students. A FAPE must include an education designed to provide educational benefit despite the child’s disability; it must be at no cost to the parent; and it must be provided in an environment that affords the greatest exposure to non-disabled peers.

District Psychologist
Our District Psychologist services students at all levels from elementary to high school. They act along with school counselors as advocates for student’s well-being, as well as, valuable resources for their educational and personal advancement. They help students in processing issued such as bullying, disabilities, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, problems with authority, and problems at home. These functions help parents, teachers and school work together for the benefit of the student. For more information regarding this service, please contact-

Chad Harrison
District Psychologist

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