School health services protect the health of the school community, by paying attention to infectious disease control and immunization laws.

Each of our schools is served by a Registered Nurse or LPN who coordinates those services at the school.  The nurse reviews student information, works with school staff members, community health professionals, and families to meet students’ needs.

All health services are provided under specific procedures that are followed district wide.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school principal or nurse if their child has a health condition that requires services at school.  This includes the use of ANY medication at school. To find out more about these services offered within the district, contact:

Cooke, Bonnetta Bonnetta Cooke
Walton-Verona High School
 mazuk Tina Mazuk 
Walton-Verona Middle School
Kerns, Michelle
Michelle Kerns
Walton-Verona Elementary School

Medication Laws\Field Trips Procedures
Legislation was passed that has changed how medications are being administered by unlicensed personnel in school and/or at school events. While we have nursing staff on both campuses, there are times when unlicensed school personnel may give medications during the regular school day. However, whenever our students go on field trips, trained unlicensed personnel will be administering medications to our students. Our staff members have completed the mandatory training and they have agreed to be responsible for safely administering medications while on field trips.
When your child goes on a field trip, you will receive the standard fieldtrip permission form which includes the Medical Authorization Form on the back. This form must be filled out in order for your child to attend the field trip.
If your child does NOT require medications, simply sign section 1 of the Medical Authorization Form. If your child REQUIRES medication, go to section 2 of the Medical Authorization Form and choose:

2.a. (authorizing designated school personnel to administer medication) or 
2.b. (authorizing consent to your child to self-administer his/her emergency medication).

Once you choose 2a or b, you must fill out 2.c. listing your child’s medical information. If your child starts taking a new medication before the field trip, you MUST notify the school in writing so that appropriate provisions can be made.
Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter. Should you ever have any questions or concerns please contact your building principal or the school nurse.

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